Calming the Witch

I’m saving some of the Sci-Fi and Mass Effect screenshots for later because I want to.

TM’d Notes- Yes I am looking at you Firemasheen.
-Yes, I had to get an ass shot fo Zoey. 'Cause I wuv her :saddowns: <3.
-Zoey is going “Ssssshhhhh”, not having an orgasm (plus she’s patting the witch’s back)
-Don’t ask me what Francis is doing because I have no clue. I just wanted him lying down on his belly for some reason. Damn that sounds strange.
-Louis is a pussy.
-Why yes, that is Bill taking a wizz in the corner.
-And if you find this arousing in away… dude, see a doctor.

[sp]Prepares for Friendlies[/sp]


The mouth looks more rounded then a ‘sshhhhh’ should be.

I love how Louis is posed.

Fine, she’s saying “Ooossshhh” or “Ooobah”

She is having an orgasm.

Don’t lie ben.

I love how Bill is taking a piss just how I was 10 seconds ago.

and then suddenly Zoey feels the witch’s boner rub against her thigh

We need like a … rating for facepunch.

Then Zoey replies: “Is that me or you?”

Nothing but ol’ Honest Ben here

/lol horrible edit


Offtopic: I always get get mixed up between Ben wolfe and Fear57


Probably the avatar

Ben Wolfe= Infinite Awesomeness

Fear57= Male_09 awesomeness

[sp]Oh shit, callin’ him out fo’ a fight.[/sp]

Now, I am going to take a shower and eat pudding until Flashforward starts.


You mean Saren poses.

Must have been subconsciously inspired by that picture…

I have Husks, Saren, and Shepard. :confused:

The next Sci-Fi picture involves Husks and Jessica’s (I will probably think of a different name) new boyfriend.

Please don’t. Make something new and different also you don’t have Liara?

I have her too, but I’ve got nothing going for her…

I’m not making any more coupling pictures. Don’t worry, I know what I am doing. Mostly.

Funny expression on Francis’s Face hes like “Ohh i don’t hate this”, also Louis look’s like hes going to box a Midget