Calvin & Hobbes: Homage Requests - Week One: Facepunch

Since the last event back in Spring was somewhat of a success and as promised, the “Request a Calvin & Hobbes comic get remade Pyro & Bear style” is back!

Requesting a comic is so easy, a caveman can do it!

and one request per user (unless if you made a new account in GT or posted another request in TF2Chan, then DOSH)…

For new users:
Read one of my most well-known comics in the TF2 community, Pyro and Bear!

I look forward to this, I love Calvin and Hobbes and your wonderful comics.

I approve of this. This is great remakes you do.

Reeeeequested by Lunik

Four more to go, keep requesting (or else.)

Interesting idea. Calvin and Hobbes is hands down the greatest comic ever made, in every aspect of the medium.

From the ones you’ve posted already, I can usually tell which strip it is from (I’ve read them all multiple times) but the one above this post I think could have worked better if you had the Pyro use the huntsman instead of the flare gun.

Agreed i’ve porbably read each one like 100 times over, and that is No exaggeration.

My favoutrite being “Something under the bed is drooling…”

Reminds me of that Calvin and Hobbes skin I made for the Child Ragdoll…

The house of horror one…

Guys, no more requests since Week 2 just started @!

I know it’s a day early.

Your comics are good. Keep making them.

The posing is great on your characters and the layout is proffesional looking, really good. :slight_smile: