Cam 3d2d?

how do i draw text on the front of a prop and the text stays on that side of the prop no matter which way i rotate the prop?

Make an entity, add a 3d2d view relative to the entity to the draw hook, render text.

Could you provide an example? I understand thats what i have to do i just don’t know how to do it.

for Cam.Start3D2D, you have a couple arguments, 2 of them being Position and Angle. Consider Pos is the position of your Entity, and Angle it’s angles, and CamPos the position the Cam is drawn at and CamAngles the angles.

local Position = MyEnt:GetPos()
local EAngle = MyEnt:GetAngles()

local Offset = Vector( 0, 0, 0) – Offset when angles are 0,0,0
local AOffset = Angle( 0, 0, 0) – Offset when angles are 0,0,0

local CamPos = Position + Vector(ang:Up() * Offset.p, ang:Right() * Offset.y, ang:Forward() * Offset.r )
local CamAngles = EAngle + AOffset

– Then call your cam.Start3D2D with CamPos and CamAngles

This code was written in my browser, so if it doesn’t work, sorry, but it should give you a gist.