Came back after 5 months, my thoughts.

-Playing on high population server’s is extremely intimidating, even only 2 days after wipe, hundreds of houses carpet the landscape and nakeds around every corner

  1. Seems very group oriented on these servers BUT anything can happen! Rust is back to its good old day’s where you can go from being naked to dangerous in under an hour.

  2. For high population servers, it feels like stone is hard to come by- surprisingly there is plenty of wildlife

-Playing on a low population server feels like a fun adventure game- but surviving is just a bit too easy in these worlds of few humans.

  1. Since the progression curve isn’t as sharp, the call of duty mentality among smaller community’s is mostly gone and most low pop servers i joined were very social

  2. Low population servers allow for a different, more creative type of gameplay, my ventures through the landscape brought me to some very nice looking houses opposed to the ugly blocks of poo on the high pop servers.


Rust is really starting to get there, and while both spectrums above allow for diverse gameplay, i think a sweetspot would be 18-35 players. Remember, if a server has 80 concurrent players, there are likely 300 or more different players living on it. So at 18-35 you still get the feeling you’re not alone, without the feeling that the island has become an anarchy driven world of strange looking houses every 10 yards.