Came back to find my server on cs_italy when it isnt even a possible choice?

The only map in my maps folder.

Only map that can be chosen too.

Yet I came back to it on cs_italy.

I was the only player in there.

Any ideas as to why this would happen?

If you have Counter-Strike: Source installed, it will find those maps even if you don’t like to. And make sure you remove cs_ or de_ maps from the mapcycle.

Okay so, i decided to do a minecraft only server.

And i have indeed mounted cstrike.

As seen here.

Can I remove the cstrike line from the mount.cfg? and will it make that stop? Or do i need cstrike mounted still for guns and other things?

Or what about go into my cstrike folder and just remove all of the maps from there?

You need cstrike for TTT, else your server get errors (in this case, you will see the models as client, but you can walk trough them or fall trough them.)

I haven’t played TTT a lot, so I don’t know where its mapcycle is, but check the mapcycle.cfg, its usually that one that selects the map. If you still can’t find it, try getting a map vote addon.

Do I need the maps from cstrike though?

Can’t find a mapcycle file anywhere in my entier gmod folder.

I’m also using this map vote system:

Fixed it:

Simply deleted the maps from cstrike/cstrike/maps and changed the settings in my map vote folder so that the current map could be voted on again