"Came with a cold, left with the flu."


This fucking rocks.

unbelievable O_O


What Back_slash said.


That thing is camping like a pro.

Very well done.

Well executed.

Good work.

Reminds me of “The Thing from another world”.

Makes me want to play killing floor, buy an axe, then kill a crawler with said axe.

Nice pic and great editing\posing\angle.

Good to see you getting back into it, bro. c:

I like it but the sharp edges/bad texture of the corner thing in the middle are very distracting and the dramatic irony is kind of lame in that such a likeable, familiar face is about to be killed before he finds the energy to react or even realize what killed him

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I think it’d be better if you had cropped it or even had Nick on the right of the image in the same pose with something that’s difficult to see in the background. That would imply that he is actually leaving, like the title of the image says

Awesome. not doscribe

Anything that reminds me of The Thing a little bit is okay with me.

Very cool.


Whats wrong Nick?

Really well made :buddy: