Camera fixed on Front View? | Help

local function PlayerSpawn( ply )
   ply:Freeze( false )
   CalculateFrontView( ply, ply:GetPos(), 90, 100 )
hook.Add( "PlayerSpawn", "PlayerSpawn", PlayerSpawn )

function CalculateFrontView( ply, pos, angles, fov )
	local view = {}

	view.origin = pos-( angles:Forward()*100 )
	view.angles = angles
	view.fov = fov
	view.drawviewer = true

	return view

hook.Add( "CalcView", "MyCalcView", CalculateFrontView )

All I want to do, when the player spawns: Set Camera to looking at there face and freeze them untill a certain timer. (I can do that) its just the part with the view calculation. Currently its THIRDPERSON view. And then, it dosent work. Aswell, I have no idea how to put the CALCFRONTVIEW into first person?

is there a way

Is there a way to not spam threads and keep bumping them?
Use the fucking “Problems that dont need their own theead” thread instead.

Well just play around with the angle until you’re satisfied, why’d you let someone else do that

I’ve tried. The thing is, how do I rotate the angle ??!
I tried everything…

Like what

I don’t think you’re even trying to learn or make an effort to do anything yourself. Stop making these threads please and instead, post in the “Problems That Don’t Need Their Own Thread” thread. You’ll never learn from trying to get people to spoon feed you.

I also like how you claim you can fix “code problems” and say you have “3 years of lua experience”

Sure doesn’t seem like it lol.