Camera mounted turrets? (Stool)

Dear lua-gods,

This is a formal request for a turret that can be attached to a camera and fired when
in the camera’s “view.”

How it could work (in game);

1. Choose the turret properties like range, damage, and ammo type (rocket, bullet, plasma, artillery, etc)

2. Fire once to mount/weld a turret to an object.

3. Fire a second time to “connect” it to a camera.

4. Enter the camera view and move/fire the gun(s) via the mouse.

This would be a lot more fun and less cluttered than doing this via wire, and would also tremendously speed up vehicle battle preparation.

Thank you for reading!

I had something similar so let me help you, Turret stool (Yes, its mounted)

TetaBonita created this, are you an Alt account? Or do you just mean you have this mod on your pc?

I used that mod before and it is similar to what I want, but the whole idea is I want to be able to control the turrets via cameras.


I weld two cameras to the outside of a fort, then I connect a turret cam to each one. Now whenever I press the button for each camera view I can also control the turret welded to it via the mouse.

Either way, thank you for offering to help!