Camera moves side to side/up and down when i walk, run, or swim. please help (client)

I’m pretty sure a picked up a client sided mod from a parkour or freerun server… its getting pretty annoying, please help me get rid of it :c

Reinstall your gcf files.
As in rename your garrsmod folder and then steam will automatically put a fresh new one in its place.

didn’t work :frowning:

What do you mean it didn’t work. When you “delete” aka rename your garrysmod folder, steam completely downloads a new garrysmod folder.

For example:


do this

Steam>steamapps>accountname>garrysmod>garrysmodRENAMED-OR DELETE THIS>blablabla.

Steam should download a new garrysmod file, if it doesn’t just do verify game cache.

it downloaded but i still have the camera thing

comeon i really need help :frowning:

If you’re sure you picked up a client side mod, it deletes when you clean out your gmod. Most likely, if you reinstalled your addons, its one of your addons.

fixed it, it was Mad Cow’s weapons… its a shame… i liked them :frowning:

Thanks lefundoof!!!

No problemo.