Camera on Cenital plane & Side-Scroller View

Description : The owner of the server can configure the forced view on cenital plane, side-scroller view or normal mode via cfg.

The Suggestion : Have a new view on cenital plane and side-scroller view for the people to do game modes like minigames.

Examples Game Modes with Cenital Plane and Side-Scroller View : Chippy, Call Of Duty Black Ops: Dead Ops, Snake, Pacman, Minecraft, Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Rust, Among Us, Betrayal, Monopoly, Grand Theft Auto (GTA 1), Mario Bros, Bubbleman, Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy

ÂżWhy? : Actually the people is creating better games in browser with the famous extension .io, I think that we can improve it with the S&box game and attract more people. We can get more audience, and more ways to play in S&box creating infinite game modes with these views.

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This should have everything currently out about creating your own camera to your specifications: Camera - S&box Wiki

I think that is better control it via cfg accommodating users who have never touched these files.

the gamemode/addon developers would make it and implement configuration for server owners or players however they want

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Im pretty sure about this, but sometimes the people want to create a different style too of a game mode, and they only know touch the config files. Is not my problem because I know a bit of C# but to other users I think that we can accommodate it with a simple thing.

I’m all in favour of having an array of default cameras for developers to make use of and reference in S&Box but I think that it will be rare for server owners to want a different camera than the gamemode was developed with and cameras might also change during gameplay so it would be hard to make a universal config. A gamemode or addon that adds this feature can ensure it integrates with their software though. For a simple situations lets say your camera changes once you die or is different depending on your team, how does the config interface with it and how does it know what to return to on respawn or something.

I don’t see any point of adding it as a config. If you are a server owner/developer, you’ll have to deal with C# anyway, and implementing camera the way you want is very easy even with minimal knowledge of C#.


It is incredible how you can consistently pump out terrible ideas.

Learn some C# and do it yourself instead of trying to make more work for the developers.


Are my suggestions, not all have the same way of thinking than another person. You only need respect it and do constructive criticism

You said too learn some C# and do it. I’m not a programmer, only level design and modelling. The developers of Facepunch can accept or denied the request, they don´t need work on this if they think that its fine now. Don’t talk on behalf of the developers saying that I want put more work to them. Thanks :slight_smile:

Remember do constructive criticism like Adam.

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Yes, you have reason. For example I have a minimal knowledge of C# but I think that not to all is easy as all, like users that only buy games to play and are not experienced on it and want to create servers with friends.

But yes, obviously you have the reason. I always think of users who do not have such knowledge so that we can all help them.

S&box isn’t really a game, s&box is a platform for developers. Individual gamemodes made in s&box are games.
It’s not like Garry’s Mod anymore.

Your idea is useless in my opinion, because every gamemode will have it’s own implementation and likely own config. There shouldn’t be a centralized server-side config system, it should be implemented by the gamemode.
If you are not comfortable with C#, don’t bother creating gamemodes.

Your idea should be aimed to a specific gamemode. A lot of people will build on top of existing gamemode bases (sandbox will likely be shipped with the game, and someone will probably create an RP gamemode like DarkRP)


Unfortunately the whole point of this game is to code. The developers have to draw the line in the sand somewhere and providing “camera presets” when you can very easily code cameras yourself does not make sense. Fact of the matter is that that IS wasting time on this that doesn’t matter since the community can do it themselves, and probably better for their own use-case. This shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re making a gamemode and if you’re making a gamemode then you need to know how to code anyway. If you’re a “server developer”(server configurer) who just buys addons and makes a server by going into configs then you’ll have to buy an addon that does it for you/pay for something custom.

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I agree that constructive criticism should be what the forums consist of, so let me give you some. Suggesting things to the developers surrounding game-logic is basically useless unless you’re a developer yourself because most of the things in Sbox you will not interface with directly. It’s made for developers to make a game-mode on that you then interface with. All the suggestions you’ve made are for things that can be in game-modes, but not in the base-game. Facepunch are building a tool store. They’re not gonna sell you a completed house.

Well you are, you absolutely are. I, nor anyone else outside of the Facepunch team can say exactly what their opinions are or what they’re thinking, however I think most developers that have engaged with this project agrees that the things you’ve suggested are outside the scope of the project. While constructive criticism is good, it’s useless if the target doesn’t listen, so please do. I’m not trying to be hostile, I’m trying to be constructive, so learn from what I’m saying and learn from what the others have posted both here and in your “In-Game Intuitive Config” post.


Just make a camera or find one of the thousands that exist.

If you’re trying to make a gamemode and only know config files, you won’t run into any luck at all.