Camera tab has no options?

Well i dunno what it is but when i go to contex menu under camera tab there are no options in there, Also for some other tabs :frowning:

Screenshot :

Any idea what it could be ?

Please help :frowning:

~help please ! :frowning:

  1. restart gmod
  2. if that dosent work, verify the integrity of your game cache
  3. restart steam
  4. restart your computer
  5. ???
  6. profit!

All did not work ;( Thanks anyways :smiley:

This problem is happening with a lot of tools. I’m reinstalling gmod now to see if it works.


Hey! bad news! Even reinstalling does nothing! guess it was Garry’s update!

some tools doen’t have options in that tab. happens the camera is one of them. the cam should be pretty self-explanatory.

i reinstalled it by doing this :
opend gmod content with GCF scape replaced everything with The 1 in GCF scape to the 1 from steam/myname/ etc… and it worked :wink:

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i mend options like select numpad (A)

The Camera has a Numpad Button selector on it.

hm… then my camera is buggy too I guess! well, I don’t use it very often so I won’t try to fix it myself.

cough cough remove faphack

alright, so if you have faphack and your tool menus are missing, update faphack to 2.9 and all should be right with the world.

Faphack sucks :smiley:

but i fix’d it by doing this

Gcf scape > Gmod content > Replace it with you 1 like steammaps/garrysmod/garrysmod

should be fixed ;d :stuck_out_tongue: just backup you addons