Camera with presetted zoom level

Is there anything like that ? For example, when I want to make the scenebuild and look at that through the camera with zooming I always have to use the stool camera, but what if you want look at my scenebuild through the camera with presetted zoom level and continue making the scenebuild without the stool camera in hands.

Don’t want to make another thread, so I just bump it again. C’mon guys, it’s simple idea and not so difficult for those who knows lua scripting.

You aren’t giving us enough detail. Do you mean the default camera tool? A complete new STool that has a +zoom feature? And also what is a scenebuild? Is it a gamemode, the contraption you are building, a specific position on a map? We don’t know what you’re trying to do here.

Have you been in Screenshot and Movies section on this forum ? No ? So you should go and see what people is doing there.

I’m talking about the camera in Render section, when you use that instrument to place the camera. But if you want to make another fov view or zoom level you have to use the stool camera. I suggested to make additional settings for cameras instrument that will allow to make presetted zoom level or fov, so you don’t need to use the stool camera, you can just place the camera, then push any numpad keys to look through that camera and continue making the scenebuild with presetted zoom or fov level. Simple and very useful for everyone who makes screenshots in garry’s mod.

Ok let’s explain this way. All you need to do is just to make a new option in the camera settings (the camera instrument in render section) that will make the camera with presetted “fov or zoom level”, so you don’t have to use the stool camera anymore to make other zoom level.