Attention all modelers!!

I have a request for you i need a camera model with a strap on it.
I need it for a DEAD RISING comic i’m making.
so if you could make look like the one in DEAD RISING i would be very thank full

Make it look like the camera in the picture (with a strap!!)

The strap part is going to drive some people away that can’t ragdoll i wouldn’t request the strap if i were you.

Is this the same HaVoK who leads the PVK team?

If so, MAKE SWIMMING POSSIBLE around the docks in pvk_fort

IF NOT…never mind.

Errr… no i’m not…

There is 2 camera models already released.
The ragdolled strap is quite impossible to make.

could you please give me the link to them both?

We need a link, I STILL can not find a digital camera model…