"Camero coming up fast , open fire!"

jus a random picture i made. plz comment and stuff,looking fowered to your comments =]


different view.


would be better if it was actually a pose instead of you driving a car at some combine NPCS

and by the looks of it you’re about to drive into that lamppost

there not npc’s and im not driving. its all pose.


those are NPCs. and that’s you driving a car.

NO its not.


it is totaly a pose!

you’re not fooling anyone.

it’s obviously an npc since the rocket launcher is going through is shoulder.

i promise you this is only ragdolls and emitters and physics timescale and advanced turret.

and the poses are exactly the same.

and the only way you can get the wheels on a car to turn when you’re taking screenshots is by being in it, driving it.

there is a thing called no-collide

what does physics timescale have to do with anything?
all it does is slow down the movement of things.

on the models the wheels are already turned.

Don’t worry. I believe you.

i stopped the rocket from the advanced turret. and link to car model’s http://garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=27333

no they aren’t. stop being silly and admit they’re NPCS and you in a car. you aren’t fooling anyone.

note the car in the middle which is exactly the same as the one you used, wheels are straight

no its not that. i used the pack and the wheels ARE turned

No they aren’t. it’s you in a car driving towards some combine soldiers with guns and maybe some emitters.

oh look, combine soldier in generic pose with rocketlauncher. in modelviewer.

they’re NPCs, stop being silly.

look, not everyone is as stupid as you think.
why can’t you just admit it’s a npc pose

lol at above post

its not. if it was i would admit it.


well i know im telling the truth