Cammy replacement for TF2 Sniper

Was thinking about this earlier, thought it would be pretty brilliant. I’d like to see a TF2 Sniper replacement using the Cammy model from Street Fighter 4. I came to the conclusion that Sniper would be the class best suited for her based off some of the artwork for her.

In the Spin-Off game “Canon Spike”, Cammy’s shown wielding dual SMG’s. The only class in TF2 that uses an SMG is the Sniper.

The one that really nails it, though, is this comic-book cover featuring Cammy.

Of course you’d have to rip the voice files for Cammy from SF4, to make the replacement fit better…And include her “Killer Bee” Outfit mod for Blu team.

Anybody else think this might be an interesting idea? Heck, I’d definetley play Sniper more often if it was Cammy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think i’d prefer Scout. C.Viper seems more of the assassin, Sniper type. But she hasn’t been ripped.

a model pack of cammy got released a month ago for gmod someone would just have to set it up for team fortress

Yeah, that’s the model I was talking about. I already knew about that. I’m just saying someone should take this model and turn it into the Sniper.

Also, on the topic of Crimson Viper, there is no other class that fits her better then the Spy. She’s already a secret agent with special gadgets, how can she not be the spy? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just waiting to get my hands on the C Viper rip so I can practise rigging

Sniper - Cammy
Spy - C.Viper
Scout - Sakura
Engineer - Vega
Heavy - Zangief
Demoman - Bison
Soldier - Guile
Pyro - Dhalsim
Medic - Blanka

Where do you get Blanka (the green guy that electrifies himself) as a medic? I get the rest, sort of, though I think the Heavy should be Bison…


Are you aware of who Zangief is?

Yeah, some of those choices are a little wierd.

And Agent Orange is right. Zangief HAS to be the heavy. They’re both giant Russian guys, it fits perfectley.

“Fully charged”

Eh. Blanka still dosen’t seem medic material.

I also do agree wtih previous statement that Guile would be The Soldier.