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We are a Hybrid Battlefield/Build Server. You start out with armor and some guns, but will still need to build your house. Supply Signals are dropped by red animals, and also off air drops, and in random crates (they are at a lower rate)


In Game Commands:
/tpa - use to teleport to your friends
/remover - remove your own items of your house
/remover share (name) - shares the ability to remove parts of your house with a friend
/share - share your doors with a friend
/leaderboards - for those of you who like to keep track of your KDR
/fps + /quality - for those with slower pcs, it helps your fps
/f - Friends/Alliances formed with friends for certain in game benefits.
/pm - whisper a person
/vote - gives you items for voting for our server on toprustservers and rust-servers



Longer Days, Shorter Nights
Faster Gathering/Plentiful Gathering
Further fall distance before dying/getting injured
No durability


We are very experienced Rust Admin, and have been running servers since Rust allowed. We had taken the summer away from the game, and are now getting back into the game again. Before we had quit, there were roughly 70 regular players at any given time, but we were also a normal rust server. We are now branching into the Battlefield type server, as we are looking for a faster paced game. By being a Hybrid server, this allows for a faster paced game, and for building, so it’s a little of both worlds, and should fit most everyones play style.

Come give us a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

Had 7 new faces on the server today. Lets try to get more. :slight_smile:

Slow evening, hoping to get a-lot more newcomers on.

Slow day again today. Few new faces, but would definitely like to see a-lot more before the weekend hits.

Getting ready to create an Arena for the server, to get some events going.


The Rust Exp server has a better population. :frowning: