Camo AR2 v1 *minor reskin*


This is just a minor release, and my first try. It’s simply adding Blue Tiger and Red Tiger camoflage to the AR2. Brings sort of a Modern Warfare feel to the AR2, and I know some people won’t like that. I’m not much of a fan of the CoD games myself. I just really like the camoflage.

This includes world models, screenshots, and a few photos of the texture files.

I figured it’d be good to start out with something easy that I would enjoy seeing.

I may have made a few too many screenshots, but I wanted to make sure I had a comprehensive series of them. Better too many than too few, eh?

EDIT: V2 has been released. Link:
Contains more camo.
I might want to mention that you may get errors with custom models, or different texture resolutions than the default. First time I tested it in-game Gordon was holding air.

Please be constructive in criticism and suggestions. If you have any improvements then let me know and I’ll get to working on a v2.

Quite basic. A little complexity never hurt. (A lot isn’t always great though)

Well, I don’t really know how to make custom models, animations, etc, so I just went for a simple reskin. Most of the things I’m capable of with my software are recolors. I’m kind of new to all this. thanks for the post

Looks exactly like the camo AR2 from HL2 CSS Scifi Hardwired

well now I know this mod exists. cool.

so… any suggestions?

Yeah, I just examined the AR2 from that mod. Looks similar, but the stripes are only on the ammo box. This camo was added to the whole rifle, not just a small section.

Well, V2 is ready to go with several more camo types. It keeps giving me errors when I try to upload for some reason though. Anyone know how to fix that?