Camouflage Sniper In A Lonely World

I just found these models and i wanted to check em out >_>

Ingame editing as always

And maybe you can has extra?

I was teaching my brother to pose TF2 ragdolls and we were fooling around and i took a screenshot >_<

Too late for me

C&C on the sniper one please :smiley:

Small note i forgot to amp my AA up to 16x sorry

>.< :d:d:d:d so funni lol

Bad graphics, crap faceposing, not much going on.

The sniper picture looks pretty good. The hills ahead of him seem a little flat, though that might be the map.

Its my 8400 sorry

But still the second one wasn’t meant for commenting on facepunch

then why did you post it


Shows i suck at timing screenies