Camouflaged Ops[All male citizens..]

Well… I guess some people did want this soo, here it is.

If it doesn’t work… I’ll try and fix that… but I just RAR’ed everything that was put together, and uploaded it so… should be fine Crosses fingers Good luck! and I hope you like it.



Simkas(Making the models)
SatansSin(The rest o.o of what wasn't skinned)

I love it. Nice work!

Very good work! I’ll try them.


Thanks guys, if you do download it(without any problems, assuming) please let me know if the models/materials are out of wack. I’ll do my best to fix zem.

Glad to see you finished it…

It’d be nice if you’d at least give credit to who made the models.

and creators of the other parts of the skin.

Ghehe, but the camouflage does look very good, maybe you should’ve made the helmet grey also.

Oooo I knew I forgot something!

Added them, sorry Simkas :<

Whenever you release a reskin you usually give credit to the original authors. You have to look at the DL file to see that you reskinned simka’s I believe delta force.

Nice reskin anyways.

Edit: You added credits while I was typing it, so disregard the first comment.

Yay! You released.

WinRAR says that Male 01 and 02 are corrupted. I’ll try redownloading.

Anyone else getting this problem?

yeah got that too, not working :frowning:

This may save you a bit of time SatansSin.

The spawn menu doesn’t work.
I browse and everything is there except Male 01. The spawn button doesn’t have a picture of him like the others do. Click it and a model appears, invisible but able to be moved. The drag is visible on the psys beam.
The rest look good.
Hope this helps in fixing it.

Hopefully I figured it out, I put up a new link for the repacked one, I just inserted the materials over the previous folder… and .rar’d it.

They look oldschool, nice work man.

WOW Nice work!

Thanks guys, any more problems found?

These replace your male citizens?