Campaign AI

Is there any way to have the MPF, Combine or citizens to act like they do in HL2 in Gmod? I am trying to make a machinima and I don’t want to be shot at whenever I walk up to an officer who has a pistol. I would also like them to push me back if get close and such, is there a console command or something to change there AI to this? Or a download for some sort of NPC with this AI?

There’s a tool that you can use. NPC Scene, I do believe. It’s on, but I can’t get on for some reason.

Although I could use that I would prefer something easier, like some sort of NPC.

To answer your question as to why an officer will shoot at you is because of two things.
1.) the map uses an entity called env_global, which sets a global setting that makes gordon the average citizen compared to the criminal fugitive he always is. This means that metrocops don’t try to kill him like they always do, but env_global is a broken entity that doesn’t work, so that won’t matter.
2.) What tells metrocops to push players and guard areas is done by ai_goal_police, which probably is also a broken entity as well.
Basically, GMOD broke alot of entities, so you’d be better off making a few changes first, unless someone else proves me wrong.

Hmm interesting, I thought that is just how they were scripted, is there any way to open a custom map in HL2? Or use the tool gun? (Because there were some tools I needed to use.)

Saber-6 is correct, and with that env_global set Civil Protection officers will shove you back when you walk too close- first time is a shove, second he draws his stunstick as he shoves you, third time he turns on his stunstick and hits you with it, and he keeps doing that in future when you get close.

There is also a entity called ai_goal_police that sets a guard point with radius for a Officer. If you get into the radius, he will warn and then chase you out of it. :v:
You normally have to place the entities into the map themselves but you can use Lua for the ai_goal_police.
Hope that helps.

Sadly I am not much of a lua coder, AKA I am an idiot when it comes to scripting, that is why I wanted something simple like an NPC, however I will try this. Thanks!