CaMpEr_DoOd's Mini Compilation (12 Images)

So i thought i would make a Mini Compilation of the stuff i have done, this isn’t all of it since i lost a lot of other stuff when my computers hard drive died a while back, and since i can’t make any newer things till i upgrade my system because i keep getting blue screened and what not.

So this is just Mini Compilation, don’t expect any amazing editing here by the way.
Order is in size of Dimensions

Ok yeah so that’s is about it for the Mini Compilation, sometime in the future I’ll make a larger one with a lot more images.

Enjoy. Photobucket Re-sized them and made them smaller so sorry for that and sorry for the jpeg_quality, i didn’t realize at the time of making them.

A varied collection for sure. No bandwagon here:v:

The First one has to be the best.

Last pic looks cool, also that ellis one looks pretty real

Good pictures, brah.

4 posts over 15 hours?

Well since people don’t really comment much on anything i do anyway it’s not like i can expect this to get anymore.

And i know, 15 hours isn’t alot but still, 4 posts isn’t really much considering if this was someone like Vman or Uberslug for example, they’d have a a second page.

Those are all awesome. I have one question, though. Where did you get the enormous mech thingy? It’s the picture under the gas mask dudes.

First and last one looks damn good. Amazing editing and angles. Rated art!

Lost Planet Model Pack on (Not sure if it is still there though)


Also the first picture isn’t edited.