campfire not always healing? (bug)

It is just me or sometimes even if i got the right comfort level the campfire won’t heal me ?

you need enough stamina in your hunger bar to metabolise into health. it’s an odd system, but it works.

How much do i need then?

Over 100. However, I have noticed on occasion that the healing hangs sometimes, and I have to move around or restart the fire.

If you stand next to a friend at fire you get more comfort :slight_smile: thus healing faster.

and if you stand in the fire, you will burn to death slowly.

No there is a bug, I have experienced it. On several occasions, I am stood by a fire, 50% comfort, over 100 hp, and my health is not moving. After several seconds, I move either 1 step left or right, and my health starts going up. It’s like sometime it forgets to heal you unless you make a small movement to “jog” it into action.

wait whut? what kind of sorcery is this -.-’

Yeah there is a bug that need fix after checking the answers i can confirm

Sleeping Newman’s give less comfort than awake ones. Its worthwhile to find a beach sleeper, set up a fire next to him and heal extra from his comfort.

Plus you get a snack afterwords.