Can 3d ripper DX work with Softimage XSI mod tool?

Yeah, i just got 3d model ripper DX so get models out of dolphin but it seems that whenever i put XSI mod into the application list it says its ivalid or something… but this is my first attempt on using the thing so i may be doing it wrong ^_^’

was i supposed to install a plugin or something when i was setting the thing up? does this program only work with 3ds or some other program?

any info at all would be appreciated.

not sure, but as far as I know 3D ripper can take .obj files. And like most of 3D programs are able to import .obj models.

import it into Autodesk 3DS Max, then using Max, export it as something Autodesk Softimage can use

ARE YOU CRAZY!!! i can’t afford that!!!

I think you can use plugins in the 30 day trial of 3ds max, so use the 3d ripper dx plugin in the trial and get your models that you want in xsi ported over during the trial

Get it on a student’s license (assuming you’re not overly old).

is 17 over thelimit? plus where the heck can i get one of those?

You don’t sound 17 to me.

trust me… i’m 17.

if was a kid i wouldn’t be very good at this:

I don 't know. It only takes time, if you start at a young enough age, you could even be better. Age isn’t an indicator of skill… Facepunch proves that. There’s loads of young talent on here.

ffs did you try that ?

I like the motivation… but that doesn’t really answer my question.

You know, to use 3d ripper dx you’ll need 3ds max to use the 3dr plugin, but you can use the 3ds max trial and install the plugin… I think it’s very possible, but I have never tried that before…

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what the hell…

Someone told me that the trail version can still be used even after the 30 days, Is that true?