Can a dev contact me? I REALLY need to change my password.

Can one of the devs please contact me? I must change my password ASAP. I am positive someone else is currently using my account because of random disconnects and I get relocated every time I log in.
Sorry for shit thread, but I need to change my password urgently!

There’s a tool button next to your name. You can change your contact info and an array of other things, including your password. Hope this helps, doesn’t sound like someone is hacking your account, though.

I think that he’s referring to the Rust account, not the forum account …, or can you change your rust password?

I really need this too. If some Dev could contact me it would be superlicious!

Yeah, there is someone using my Rust account but I cannot change the password.

Well, there’s no way, Just wait and hope that you get another key, or that they implement some kind of password reset, a message with your password or a link to reset your password should be sent to the email you registered with, simple enough.

As far as I can see, you can’t.

Thats why I am trying to get a dev to contact me so I can prove that I own the account and they can reset their password. I am pretty sure they are able to do it.

Yeah, I can perfectly understand you, but currently the devs are really busy and they’re most likely not going to help with password resets …, sorry :frowning:

Thanks guys, totally didn’t notice it was under Games > Rust. My fault.

Shameless bump

look devs are busy they dont have to help you

also they owe you nothing because you never paid for this

Lets just hope that that feature will come up sometime later.

Well fuck you buddy, the guy is asking nicely with please and sorry, he is not demanding anything nor did he imply he deserved anything, your attitude is uncalled for.

Your accounts are just to test the game I am pretty sure they’re looking for users to just test and don’t care who uses them, but I am sure they would implement this later