Can a Windows Surface play Rust?

Hi, my friend has a Windows Surface 2 Pro, will it be able to run Rust (on lowest settings)?

Here are the specs:
OS: Windows 8.1
Storage: 512GB (SSD)
CPU: Core i5-4200U (Dual Core)
Graphics Card: idk - all it says is Windows HD Graphics Family

You have the RAM and an SSD is good too, but I’m not sure about the Graphics Card.

the graphics card in a Surface is an Intel HD 4000 or 4500 (something like that).

I have played rust legacy on my Surface Pro 3 but not new rust.

try it on FASTEST graphics not windows but reduce the screen to maybe 1400x900 and see how it goes and tweak from there.

The graphics chip in your Surface 2 is an Intel HD Graphics 4400. I don’t think it’ll run Rust very well, but it should manage to load without crashing, at least on a good day.

My friend bought Rust, and it actually ran pretty well, he got 35-40 fps on all the lowest settings!

yeah it can. dont know about the fps, but i have a acer w701, which has basically the same specs, and i run rust in windows mode at a smaller resolution.

i wouldnt recommend it, its very slow and frustrating. i moslty use it when i’m in my lunch break to spend my hour gathering wood or crafting gunpowder. otherwise it doesnt play well for normal gameplay

What frustrates me, is that I have a laptop with (slightly) better specs, but I still get less fps than him, I usually get about 25-30fps.

Here are my specs:
OS: Windows 8.1
Storage: 256GB (SSD)
CPU: Core i7-4500U (QuadCore)
Graphics Card: Intel HD 4400 Graphics

I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro