Can any1 explain how to wire a ion beam cannon in the space build addon pack :)

hey im a bit of a noob at space build just trying to figure out how to wire up the ion beam cannon ty for any help you can give :slight_smile:

don’t use smileys, don’t say “any1” say “anyone” and well done for posting in the right section.

Unfortunately, I can’t help. But welcome to the forums

use grammar and spelling holy fuck.

and what ion cannon exactly?

You wire the “Fire” input to something. Any value that isn’t 0 will fire the cannon.

You make a numpad imput and set it to the key you want to fire. Then use the wire tool and right click the ion cannon untill it says “Fire”, then click the ion cannon and then the imput. They should now be wired together and when you push the key it will fire. If the weapon requires a “Chargeing sequence” then do the above for a different numpad key and wire it to “Charge”. Have fun.