Can anybody fix a dark rp money dupe

hello ,i have recetly made a gmod server ip: join if you like please do. the ammo problem dupe is if i get a weapon like a scout or glock or whatever and drop it it doubles the ammo and the defoult ammo is 50 so it is a big problem so can anybody help thanks please reply

You provided:-

-Advert for your broken server
-No code to work with
-Nothing about console errors

I suggest first finishing grammar school, then telling us what the problem is. Most of us cannot read drunk speech. For starters, what weapon pack are you using?

I am using css weapons and m9k base

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Btw milkshaker im new to this you didnt need to reply your not much of a help

Then remove your server IP to avoid hate and a possible ban for advertising. Especially asking people to join.

the server is not broken it has a problem thats all but thanks for the realy realy great advice gunner