Can anybody help me create a good server?

I need some tips on what addons I should use to get players on my server and to make them stay.

I usually have M9K and evolve installed but what else is a must have

this is with 0 addons, vanilla gmod.

EDIT: should have mentioned this is a sandbox server.


For 100 bucks.

I don’t see the reason for having a weapons pack running on the server if its just sandbox, M9K could possibly turn people off from the server.

its supposed to be a pvp and sandbox server

Oh I see. Retract my previous comment then.

Are pvp servers any good? should i keep it like that?

I can’t really provide you with any worthwhile information on Sandbox PvP servers I tend to avoid them as I like playing Sandbox without killing but thats just me. Maybe if your server had an option to join an team and only players in the “teams” can take/deal pvp damage. That way builders can enjoy themselves and players who like to mix it up with pvp can also have fun. I’m sure I remember seeing an addon that does this but I wouldn’t know its name.

Do you know the addon name that sends the adverts

Ones that print messages to players at set intervals? ULX has an option to do that.

I’m using evolve and it dosent have !Menu

Sorry not sure of the features of evolve :X


Get a Gamemode? Code a Gamemode?

I suppose I could help. If you got rid of m9k and used fa:s 2.0.

Jk on the guns thing. What do you need help with exactly?