Can anyone be kind enough to buy me rust

Hey guys, im really interested in the game rust if some one could gift me it, i will love you forever my steam name is BossBennyBoo
Thanks Heaps


oh wait



why the hell would we bother about you poor whinning baby.

Because im a broke motherfucker

will you really love me forever?

very important question pls respond immediately


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even when i die


I Will love anyone that Gives me a copy of rust forever

I would love it if you would stop whining and go find a job.

Ill pay you in backrubs

Sounds like Butters O.o

LoL > Please can some Admin close this crap thread?

Someone is butt hurt

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I can’t load the Steam main page atm :confused:

Ill buy you bad rats

lol…sounds like a hacker who got banned first time around XD

Im not aha

righto give my your address

Haha no

Seriously? You can’t afford what… 18 euro? Or 20 ponds or w/e amount it is?

Ask your parents or something jeeeez…

Aka, hacker that was banned.