Can anyone compile this 3ds to mdl?(Garrysmod model :D)
Can someone help me?If it be possible to compile it for obox.

Its Ori mother ship.

Doing it now, expect a .mdl within the day

Thanks.If you do it i got more models.
Can you compile this thing too and add only grey texture.
Someone wanted Ori sacrifial alter.

Put them up, I’ll compile them, but it’ll take a while for all of them.

Ok thanks mate.

If you have steam add Gamer378.

Alright, I’ll deliver the .mdl files when they are all finished


Do you want those into .smd or full .mdl? Either is fine for me, just need to know.

Oh sorry i want full mdls :D:

Alright, I have significant problems with these models. They don’t compile to .SMD and there is a ton of stuff wrong with them. I will try to fix them and compile them, but it seems unlikely.

Yes, this model hits the source polygon limit. 30 000/11 000!

If you really made it yourself, then try again and make windows etc. with textures.

:P.It takes hours.I got it few months.If anyone want to do it i give him what i done.BunnieKiller can you compile the Ori sacrifial alter?

Nevermind huh i just find easy program got MDL(WORKING)i don’t know how add texture :D.

What program?

Scroll down to Compiling.