Can anyone compile this NPC and give it animations for GMOD 10 PLZ

The model is Hitomi (from DOA) I’ve been working hard for her model to work the only error is that the decompiler always crashes because my computer is outdated a lot so that’s why it crashes. So anyway can someone fi the model because on Garry’smod in my friends house the NPC is in a T-Pose and that annoys the hell outta me. I rigged the model to Alyx or valve’s bones so idk if that’s the problem but if you can, check if it’s rigged right. and i included the qc file that came out when i decompiler the mdl. everything in this folder is organised like an addon, so all the files are in the directory its needs to be in. Oh and this is the link to the files I will be more than happy if anyone helps or suggests. thx!