Can anyone convert these MGS GMOD ragdolls for use in SFM?

This guy has some very nice Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes models that he has imported into GMOD. But unfortunately, they are incompatible with SFM. After trying to load them into SFM, all I get are invisible models with skeletons. Even people in the comment section are having trouble with it, and the creator has no experience with SFM.

If you are able to convert these for SFM, you can probably ask the creator for permission to reupload his ragdolls into the SFM workshop.

I really want to make MGS related SFM videos considering all the hype for The Phantom Pain right now.

I extracted the files from the .GMA file so you don’t have to open up GMOD to download it.

Also, I need to credit Frankaster, he originally ripped the models from the game.

take this, its dangerous to go alone.

just download it, run it, select what you want from your Gmod addons folder, and select a place to dump to materials, models and whatever else is getting extracted (usually lua files). its safe, and moderately reliable. Some models wont convert, i cant help with that.

They work fine. They’re just compiled to be in the root models directory so you have to move them there.

I used them the other day.

Hey thanks! I was able to get the models visible after moving the models out of the named folders and straight into the models folder.

But I have one problem, the hair, they’re square. And from what I can see in your comic image, the hair isn’t supposed to be square. Is there a fix for this?

I actually fixed that myself. Put “$alphatest” “1” into the hair .vmt’s.
For some reason the porter forgot to do this, even though the hair do have alpha maps.

Great success! Thank you so much Jojie! And I can see that you commented on the workshop post. You’re gonna make a lot of people happy!