Can anyone convert this GTA peds for CS:S and Gmod?

I need these GTA 4 peds as playermodels

Well, I need some GTA 4 peds for CS:S, and if you guys know rigging I will appreciate if you make my wish true

I need for a pack some casual player models, I choosed a vast selection of peds from the expansion pack GTA TLAD for use:

I need this guys, if you want them just reply and I will send them to you in .smd format (Sorry if wrong format, I dunno about modelling Source games)

Niko Bellic:
I need it to replace L33T
Download .smd:

Hip Hop casual dude:
I need it to replace Terror (Let´s just say he is depressed)
Download .smd:

Uptown Ryders thug:
I need it to replace Guerrila Warfare
Download .smd:

Masked The Lost MC thug:
I need it to replace artic
Download .smd:

I know I had to use RapidShare because Megaupload is failing on my internet connection

Thanks if you do it

Oh and please, no consistency error


Hip-Hop casual dude (Alternative Version)
I needed to replace Elite (Alternative to Niko)
Download .smd here:


Bump, is anyone working for both versions? Remember I do not only want GMOD version, but Counter Strike Source Version too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, how do you bump a self-topic without getting auto-edited?




Bump, I don’t think anyone wants to do this.
(A lot of work for a lot of nothing.)

And Niko Bellic isn’t a pedestrian.

You should also press the grammar checker before posting.

But dude, that is a ped, that is extracted from the EFLC files

And whats up with all MW2 stuff if no one wants to do some simple peds? No guns just peds? These are for GMOD and CS:S Terrorist nothing more

And yeah, thanks for the advice for grammar.


Well, at least convert the Uptown Ryders thug and the Leather jacket hip hop dude for Gmod and CS:S

Bump, please, this is something different than the MW2 models and ME2 models, I´m in for realistic models

Also, how about you convert the Uptown thug, and the 2 hip hop peds

The jacket one replaces the Elite, the green-shirt one replaces the Terror, I´m fond with that

Bump when a week almost passes, not every 5 hours. It just makes you look annoying.


I just can´t resist, bump. Sorry for my annoyance, but seriously? No one is interested? I already chewed half of the job by exporting the .smd so if you guys are kind enough you don´t have excuses

Last bump of this day, next bump in a week, so please can´t you atleast do the 3 I indicated guys? I´m not calling you guys lazy, I know you guys have a life, but when you have free time can you atleast make this request? Any day now

But theres a Niko Bellic model already right?

For Counter Strike Source? I doubt so, I spent one hour searching for it

Apparently I didn´t search well enough:

Well, scratch Niko Bellic out of the wishlist, the poor immigrant needs some fresh air, now all I need is the Uptown Ryders thug and the hip hop leather jacket ped

MW2 props and models are useful for all kinds of shit.

Non faceposable GTA pedestrian models are usable for much of nothing in Gmod.
Because face posing is quite important in pictures with people with no facial cover unlike those with either goggles or balaclava.

Not everyone wants everything to be just military SF shmucks. There’s virtually no good civillian models, which is a real pisser for RPs, gamemodes, and poses that involve them such as hostage situations, civillians in the crossfire of a warzone, police related stuff, or just random criminals.

Not to mention most of MW2’s models look like shit.

People tend to look weird without any kind of facial posing.

I’m talking about the military models with covered faces being useful because a person wearing balaclava or goggles doesn’t look very fucking weird because you can only see their face either partially or fully covered.

Hence a person who is caught in crossfire of a warzone or is in a hostage situation having a zombified face looks fucking stupid, hence they are unuseful with their non-existant face posing.

Was that clear enough, or should I rewrite that maybe another zillion times?

Then maybe you should try, um, iuno… adding faceposing?

Zillion times? Well that’s real odd considering it’s the first time it’s been mentioned whatsoever.

Why? That’s a nonsensical argument.

Bump, just to tell, that I agree that it needs to be faceposable

Atleast making them eyeposable will make some people such as me happy

Shame the OP is banned so attention to this topic is gone :frowning:



I like those TLAD peds, especially the Uptown Ryder dude, I need them, maybe do like in here:

Yes the guy did the face posing for a GTA model! Impressive enough?

Who gives a shit about the banned OP, work on these models damnit I want them too.

Come one guys, don´t be hypocrite, you gotta admit these models are more updated than those fucking Citizens from 2004


Seriously guys, I need these models, the OP is banned, so? Don´t lose interest on this

This guy looks cool, I need to make my personal skin out of this clothes, so please


Come on man, all these connections are getting banned everyday, I am getting impatient


They get banned for flaming. Why do they have to D:

I know man, and worse part of all, its fucking hard to know if they are gone for good, or they are temp banned