can anyone do some Monster hunter porting?

so someone told me it was easier to port things from the Wii then other consoles… if so
can someone port the enemys from Monster hunter to Gmod?
the ones id really want is
course I never asked about PS2… if its even easier to do that then I guess you could port them off that (rathlos&ian are in all monster hunter games since the first)
Id really like to see these creatures in Gmod for a comic or even to replace the dragon on this

so no one I guess?

Are you talking about 3 Tri when you say Wii?
That doesn’t come out till April.

Originally I ment Tri cause I thought it would be easier to get them off but then I rememberd some people takin models off Ps2

Unless you can find a porter from Japan, you aren’t going to be able to get Tri models for 2 months.