Can anyone even access a post in the subforum

I run IE 9 and can’t open any subforum posts. Whats the point in requiring threads to be put in a subforum if you can’t read them?

I’m pretty sure you’re the only one having this problem, that’s why.
If you need help then ask for it, no need getting butthurt about it.

That said, I’m not sure what the best course of action would be. Reboot your computer? Clear cookies and cache and saved data? Try another web browser that’s not a total piece of shit?
There are a few options.

IE 9 is outdated, update to 11

Dont use IE 9 or 11. go chrome… or firefox

The new versions of Internet Explorer work just fine.

Just use chrome

some, like me when i’m at work, are restricted to the browsers they can use. i was having the same issue while running ie9 but i found a workaround.

take a peek at the url of the thread you want to view. copy the number at the end (after the ?t=) and open another thread that isn’t in a subforum. replace the number in the url of the thread you were able to open with the one you copied. the subforum thread should now load.

but ya, learn how to ask for help. jumping to conclusions and complaining doesn’t help any and just makes you look silly.

thank you to everyone but Sievers , who was a total douchebag in his reply, and I will consider upgrading my browser.

It’s a bug with older IE versions.

For instance, if you take this URL . This is the Rust forum. But when you click on “Rust Servers”, you go to: which works, but does not allow you to open topics.

To do that in older browsers, simply type instead of . Do this trick with other subfdorums ( 418, 421 and 420) and you should be able to open topics in the subforums now. :slight_smile:

You’re right, I was a douchebag. Sorry for that…

But your OP kind of assumed that everyone has this problem… it seemed a bit snippy. Sorry if I took it out of context.

I really really do recommend anything except IE… Personally I prefer Chrome, but Firefox is super good too.

Clarification accepted. I tried being as tactful as I could under the circumstances. While I understand your preference for Chrome, I will try a newer version of I.E. first. Then consider Chrome,Firefox or Opera. Ty for your understanding.

IE compatibility is horrible. Don’t use IE.

This is absolutely correct. HTML5 has already started permeating the internets, IE consistently has the lowest scores when it comes to compatibility with HTML5.