Can anyone fix this map?

Well I’ll keep this simple. This is a request to fix this map City 10. I believe myself this map has potential, the NExus is alright , one of the apartments is alright, but the slums area and the apartment near the change shop seriously need to be changed! I’m not asking for a City 45 like slums, maybe more City 18ish or even City 8. The change shop needs to be bigger, more floors would be nice, make into a CWU housing/work building. If possible add a few more rooms to the nexus, a training room, and an armory. Also, change the stairs leading into the CA’s office, it’s in a really odd position. The trainstation is mostly okay, could use better lighting and remove some of the fences in it. I’m sure someone on facepunch agrees with me that this map has potential, but most of it is… a bit wrong.

:Screen shots of areas that need fixing:

Edit the CA office.

Change… whatever this is.

Remove the APCs.

Needs to be re-worked (My head hits the ceiling on the 2nd floor, what?)

Change the slums (It just screams “REBELS LIVE THIS WAY!”)

Able to open this? / Make it a shop? (If not removed with slums change)

Change this, needs less plant life, more benches.

Put entrance to the new slums (or back entrance) here maybe?

:Contact Details:



ANd have you got the vmf for the mapper who takes up the task?

Someone asked for a… vmf?

No…not a decompiled version, the vmf.

So you want the bsp? I’m not exactly sure what is is you’re asking for, I thought I included the bsp link in the first post… In case you missed it, here it is again.

If I’m not doing what you want, sorry, I’m not a mapper so I didn’t think I’d be expected to know what all this means. :downs:

You have decompiled the map to create a vmf. I can tell that from the file name. If a mapper was to use that, first he would have to fix the errors caused by decompiling, then make your changes. Depending on the damage, the map fixup could take longer than your requested changes.

So…you should get permission from the author to change his map, and you should also get hold of the original map file from the author.

As stated on the dl page, the author, via facebook, said “feel free to release improved versions if you wish”, so clearly he’s fine with us fixing it. As for getting the original map, I have no clue how I would go about doing that, or if the author even still has the original vmf.

Then contact the author and ask for the vmf. You won’t know if he still has it if you don’t ask.

I will try to get it from him. M’kay?

Edit: This map is one year old. :pwn:

Working on it now, seems the only way I can get a hold of him is on facebook, sent him a friend request but I doubt he’ll accept it. Aside from problems with the vmf, do the edits sound good? The map is alright, but I seriously needs to be changed.