Can anyone help? How to make prop-shooting swep that can break a glass?

So… How to make a SWEP that can destroy breakable props? The props are using “prop_physics” entity, and map breakable parts (like windows, wooden barricades) uses “func_physbox” and/or “func_breakable” entities. And the SWEP is shooting props. I want to apply damage to thrown entity. And if it’s possible i don’t want to make it deadly for NPCs and players, i want to apply big damage when thrown prop touches breakable entities, and smaller damage when it hits players and NPCs.

Would the chair thrower example help?

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I think not.

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If i throw a prop with this weapon, it bounces when touches other objects (breakable props and map breakable entities). But i want to make this SWEP destroying breakable objects. I want to apply damage to breakable entities.