Can anyone help me find this map?

The map has something to do with zombie survival. Like zs or zm. It’s something like zm_market or zs_market.

Anywho, let me explain: The map has a market in the middle. The market has a office with a dead manager/employee. The market has all kinds of cool detail and groceries which make’s it cool for posing and zombie shcitt. Outside of the market is a parking lot. The parking lot (along with the market) is above normal surface. There is a truck and other details outside. Upon leaving the area out of a small exit road, if you go right you see a van which leads to a passage. Upon going further, you see a fire escape which leads to a door which leads to a small apartment which is detailed with a kitchen TV couch and other things. Can’t remember much more, but if someone can find this I will be very greatful.

P.S. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I’m not very familiar to FP, and also, it would be nice if you could message me on steam the map if you know what it is. Steam friends name: “Chives(Jake)” Thanks.

Is this what it looks like?

No, that’s not it. Thanks anyway though.


What game was it for?

When did you play it?

Where did you get it?

Who did you play it with (like a clan or your mates)?

That’s a Source mod.

No, it’s Garrysmod. There are mulitiple Zombie mods for garrysmod. As far as who I played it with, I dunno.

Check your garrysmod/maps folder. >_>

Did you download it off a server? have you since reinstalled? Have you deleted stuff? We need to know this so we are sure its not in your computer somewhere and your not just a DownsNub.

No, I just reformatted my computer first of all. I wouldn’t come here being a dick head if I still had it. I got it from a server, and if it rings a bell to anybody, maybe you can give me a link/upload to the

Damn it I know that map… What’s the name… ARG, I’ll post it here if I remember… Sorry.

Found it there, but I’m not sure if that’s it. I have no idea how to open it, and if someone knows how and can post screens on here I’ll give them 9001 internets. I could get the save file, but I couldn’t install it correctly. Scanned with AVG and it says it’s okay. zs_market

**EDIT:**That’s not it, I figured out how to get it opened and it wasn’t it. But, anybody looking for a store for machinimas might be pleased.

Bump sorry but I really want this map :frowning:

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It’s cs_market


Sorry for the spam, I’m off your forums now. And yes that’s it thank you VERYmuch camel. You get internetz from me.

This is the entire reason you joined the forum? :confused:

I am dissapoint. :eng99:

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