Can anyone help me rip the CFA44 NO.3 texture from Ace Combat AH?

I have download the model from but there is no texture for this model. Sorry for my poor English.

like thats a problem, people will automatically adjust while their reading it.

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i see alot of models on there, also what state are the files in? are they a raw file or setup for source engine.

It looks like some of the people replying said the same thing, but the thread is long dead. Unless anybody who handled the original ports is still around, they’ll probably just need to be ripped again. Looks like that thread didn’t make it far either. Unless someone with the content comes around, you might as well convert this thread into a request for ports from there again.

Well, to an extent yes. The human brain works in strange ways. It can often process leet speak words very quickly and easily. Certain dyslexic people can even read paragraphs with letters mixed around as long as the first and last letters of each word is the same. Your can generate responses for improper sentences, but it doesn’t necessarily find the intended meaning. People who add me for things related to Miku often barely speak English or don’t speak it at all and attempt to use Google Translate. It can result in unreadable sentences or sentences with completely different meanings.