Can anyone help me setting up my server?

Can anyone please help me? I’m apparently Server Config illiterate and I cant seem to figure out how to get the Rust Essentials mod working. I have googled the issue, as well as watched a couple of YouTube videos but I dont seem to have the same things in my control panel that some others do.

Can communicate via steam, or any VOIP of your choice.

Will compensate if required!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Well I’m running Rust essentials, lets try and figure out your problem?

Im using HFBServers as my provider.

I’ve shut down the server and gone into the Mod Manager and installed LeatherLoader and Rust Essentials. I’ve also run the Steam Update.

I go into game and nothing from the mod works.

I’ve also never been able to find the MainData file that everyone talks about as well.

I was very excited to get my own server up and running, but this has been a big confusing mess for me

Have you tried the following? IN ORDER
1.uninstall all mods
2. Run steam update on your server
3. reinstall leather and essentials
4 .restart your server and see if it works.

If so, this might just be a conflict with RUST updates VS Rust MODS…The mods tend to break every time there is an update. I can assure you The Essentials Devs are working on a patch as we speak and should be out soon, no eta.

I would also see if you could put in a “ticket” with your server provider and see what they say, but they will probably tell you its a mod issue, and to seek help on the forums as you are now.

Don’t give up man, I had lots of trouble understanding this stuff when i got my server too. Patience is key

just did this, and now when I try to connect to the server I get this:

Exception: Trying to read past the buffer size - likely caused by mismatching Write/Reads. different size or order

I can join other servers just fine, I only get this on mine

That error means that the rust server is running a more upto date version than the mod. Wait for an update to the mod or use Rust++ or something that has already been updated and is compatible with the latest rust update.

I would jus wait untill RUST Essentials get patched. worth the wait. uninstall them and go vanilla in the mean time.

thanks for the help so far guys, it really is much appreciated

I’ll wait for the patch, and then try again…and of course keep you updated!