Can anyone help? Weird Crashing problem...

Hi - I’m able to run gmod and everything in single player and spawn tons of objects until the fps goes way down, but when I try to ignite something for example, it makes my computer crash. The game also crashes once in a while with certain weapons being used and some of the more advanced alien npcs… I already tried downloading the latest intel graphics accelerator software, but it made my pc ridiculously slow, so I went back to the old version.
Anyone know what’s going on?


Reinstall gmod.

Intel graphics… You’re fucked.

buy a ATI or Nvidia graphics card please! intel sucks.

Intel graphics cards suck.Buy your self and ATI Radeon 4830 HD.
It works very well for any source game or mod ( i currently use one )

Also, some specs maybe?

OP never said that he has a desktop capable of being upgraded.

He may as well have a laptop he got from his school.

Get a new computer and don’t use intel for anything you don’t have to