Can anyone here port to grand theft auto 4?

Ive got a model i found of knightfall batman and i would greatly appreciate it if someone could port this to gta iv, here is a link to the model

I hope this is ok to post here been searching for a modded who can do this!!

Or even port it to gmod?

the url itself


bad link, you seem to have copied a shortened url

Works on my pc! Downloaded it to be sure

It might work for you, but it seems broken for others. I just checked the link myself, and J!NX is right; the link is bad. You might want to try providing another link.

it’s not even the actual link

it should do this


you have this…/preview?pli=1

you posted a shortened version of the link. Sites will shorten the url but have the actual url remain, to reduce space wastage with text, you copied the shortened version.

also, remember to have the link sharing settings open to public rather than set to private or else no one can use it

Lets see if this works??

It goes to it from my ipod, hope it works for u guys

Ok i copied the entire link from my browser, not a shortened one but it still shows up short here… But it goes to it on my ipod so… Fingers crossed


That one seems to actually connect.

Awesome, hope someone can port this!!

Been asking for this all over the interweb :frowning: lol

Any batman fans out there?

Just bumping it back up before it dissaPears