Can anyone join in any server?

I have been trying to join a server for one hour, the server list is there, but it doesnt changes at all. Same numbers of players on the same servers one hour ago? its hard to believe. Im begining to think that they are all down but the server list doesnt shows that. Can anyone confirm if you can enter the servers?

Have you tried pressing refresh?

Yep, same experiencing when connecting to EU non sleepers (name that is)

Hm got in on the sleepers one, seems like its due the ddos?

I have the exact same issue

I’ve tried refreshing, And on different browsers. Keep ending up with the same results

Thanks for sarcasm, very helpful. Are you developing any content at this moment, or just laughing at those that want to test something?

PS: EU Central server has 44 players more than 2 hours ago…