Can anyone please explain how to use satencil buffers?

Hi, I have noticed some cool things coming from stencil buffers such as that jinto wormhole and the magic box and I was wondering if anyone could please explain how to use them. Thanks.

It’s very complicated math involved in calculating advanced stencil buffers like wormholes and magic boxes. What math class are you currently enrolled in? : Is a better question.

I would say that I am quite competent at mathematics, an explanation of how to use a stencil buffer would help to see if I could use it.

Agreed. There are no examples on the wiki…

Yeah, it would definitely be helpful.

Read the example in first post.

The example doesn’t actually say how to use them.

It shows how to use them. Simple enough.

Still needs to explain them.

“Ok so you do this, this, this, and this and you can fly to the moon. Now fly to Mars.”

More like,

“So you put the transient discombobulator into the colloid suspension mechanism, and you have cheesecake. Now make me the Eiffel tower.”

I agree with Entoros, there’s a fine example, but no explanation. It’s putting a baby in a car and saying “here’s the steering wheel, now drive me home.”