Can anyone please make this ragdoll into a player model?

I would highly appreciate it.

Is that on the L4D biped?

L4D Models have the same bones as the HL2 ones. So I assume it wouldn’t be too hard.

Actually, they have more.

I used PAC3 to merge a L4D character’s bones with mine. It worked no problem. Those extra bones may be
things like Louis’s tie or some other shit.
**EDIT:**Although you do have to reposition them a bit to make them look good. The area at the spine bone is kind of fucked up. But this is all because of GMOD animations.

Yes, but you can’t save PAC3 models as a .mdl file.

All I was trying to say was that they mostly do have the same bones. Just a few extra ones like jigglebone things or whatever.