Can anyone port a Rainbow Six Vegas 2 character?

Now this is simple if you are elite.

This is the video where the request seems concentrated until 0:42:

Now here are the clothes I need:
Head: Asian or Black
Camo: Soap style, out of all they have
Balaclava: 3-Hole mask
Outfit: Starter outfit with Anaconda Assault vest
Camo for Outfit: ACU or the all the camos!
Helmet: Tactical Helmet
Shoulders: Falcon Assault shoulders: right side only

Helmet: Flight Helmet
Mask: Breath Mask

This are unrealistically awesome alternatives too! If you do it I will be happier! Tho its optional

And that´s about it: you can see it in the video if you see it complete!

Thanks if you port it! Make it a ragdoll or an NPC (Or I could ask Jason for that one)

Got images too:

This head:

On this body (Head and helmet and mask are alternatives)

can be ported with umodel just so others know if they wanted to port from this

Cool bro!

Well, I got it for Xbox, and I want this model so bad (My current personal skin) So yeah.

Anybody that have Rainbow Six Vegas?

Predaaator ported a model from RB6V2 just so you know its possible.

I’m actually working on the Rainbow six vegas characters.
Here’s a very very rough beginning - I have a more updated version on my end but not packing them up yet - at least that you can see that they are being worked on

Keep in mind I’m first porting the female bodygroups due to there being a distinct lack of female military models.

Also keep in mind this is still going to a long job, mainly due to textures not being portable via Umodel so I have to grab them all manually.

Ok man!

Thanks for progress.

I´d love to see female too.

But for now, i´d love to see my request done too.

I’ll do it, if I can figure out how to use umodel again. I have to re-learn it every so months because it’s smelly and is a little different for each game.


Anything specific for the legs?

I´d love cargo pants

Ok sorry but the pictures and the list of what you wanted confused me plus some other things etc.

So far, does this look right? I’ll add the shoulder pads in a bit, but is that the right vest?

That’s the vest in the 2nd picture if you can’t tell.

Yeah it is, that´s cool bro!

Waiting for more

That is fucking A+


Two problems have arisen. The textures don’t export properly nor am I able to rip them now, although I used to be able to before I upgraded my motherboard + video card + processor a year ago.

and I can’t find where the helmet or balaclava models are


Well, maybe you can re-map it and add other game textures? Not a good idea tho.

But you can use Niko´s head in it too, imagine Niko in this badass suit.


use the head in this pack:

Comes with Tactical Helmet, Balaclava, and breathing mask

Found the helmet stuff.

Now to figure out how to get the textures.

This is getting better! yay!

Hope to see textures soon.

Yeah I can’t get the textures. Ripper isn’t working for me, neither is Texmod. I’m blaming the Steam version of the game. Somebody else will have to get the textures.

Sadly I only have the Xbox version :frowning: