Can anyone Port Models from World of warcraft for me?

If any of you know how to port models from World of warcraft please tell me. I need them for a gamemode im makeing, just pm me on the site and i will tell you what i need ported.

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And what would we get out of it?

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Well I cant realy do anything right now but im makeing a world of warcraft gamemode for garrysmod in a few months when it is done and the servers up I would gladly give you admin on it.

Plus, unlike console games that are all made with a similar SDK and the same compression and those sort of things, PC games allow them to write it up in their own way. I’d be really surprised if WoW didn’t have it compressed in their own way to avoid people stealing their models.

I know but if you look on people have ported models in.

Hmm, you’re right. Either they made the models themselves, or Blizzard isn’t all that worried about models getting stolen.

Well lets see if anyone posts tomorow hopefully some one will.

Do a search for WoW model viewer. You can export the models as OBJ or other formats and have port them from there.