Can anyone port this models to CS:S?


2 months bump

Not genius right? :stuck_out_tongue:

I totally forgot about this,

Anybody willing to give it a try for CSS?

And its my personal opinion, but I think MW2 eye models are better (in quality) than Kane and Lynch eyes, so can you use MW2 eye models? Use Ghost´s eye texture please.

hmm I support this

Thanks bro.

These are the best L33T replacement you would get beside the overused MW2 ports!!

Not that MW2 ports are bad!

But these would mark something different

Unfortunetly Im a sucky rigger, Mabye ask smoki?

That´s what I just did buddy :slight_smile:

Already somewhere around here(or on FPSB)

I searched all around interwebs and no sign of K&L model for CSS


Oh and I mistakenly put the word port

It should be rig!

Lat bump of the weekend

Try looking for “Bank Robbers”

I don´t like the first one

The second one is my other request, which needs to have consistency check fixed

And these are the K&L jumpsuit mercenaries for elite, not Artic like the 2 on the links

And those are so far the only ones ingame

If you are referring to this one:

Its not even ingame and the author (Predaaator) is possibly dead or lost interest to it

Also it needs MW2 eye models because they are more HQ than Eidos´s one

Android phone bump lol

Geez I can´t resist but bump

The jumpsuit guys are… no I don´t want to look like cidamelo from GTAForums lol

But still.

If there haven’t been any posts from people who said they would do it by now, it’s not going to happen.
Just stop bumping the thread.

I bump my thread because I want to

People want this, why dont you do it?

We get a handful of your replies (not you, but in general) about whining to not bump the thread, I have the download, I have the reference pictures, look in the other topics, why dont you whine there? Like on the personal skins request topics

Be glad that I chewed half of the job and added what a real request topic needs

AND before you say “why not do it yourself” Because its complex, not my job sorry, I try to learn and I can´t

I worked with games with no ragdoll, working in source is way different than what you think

I want the perfect CSS, no consistency, which I cant do because I cant, now this Bank Robber, I searched Google, I searched everywhere, no download, I try to do it myself, I fail, guess what? THAT IS WHY REQUEST TOPICS ARE FOR


I might be able to do it.
But, however, there is a chance that there would be consistency errors, which I cannot fix. You need to take that up to smoki.

Any who, I’mma try to compile it.

Bro, I gave up rigging and compiling models about 5 times before I finally got it.

Ok thanks!

I want to see this ingame so bad

Now we will have 2 heat robbers once both of them get consistency fixed!

Thanks Henry for the first one!