Can anyone teach me 3D2D? Briefly?

Hey, can anyone teach me 3d2d, i’m curious to how it works, please don’t point me to the 3d2d page in the wiki. Thanks.

function ENT:Draw()
local pos = self:GetPos() – Position of the entity
local ang = self:GetAngles() – Entities Angles

-- The entity is originally facing in the wrong direction, so we rotate it.
ang:RotateAroundAxis(ang:Right(), -90) -- Rotate around 'Right' Angle
ang:RotateAroundAxis(ang:Up(), 90)  -- Rotate around 'Up' Angle
cam.Start3D2D(pos, ang, 1)
	-- We're now in the 3D2D camera, so the top left position (0, 0) is now the position we defined as 'pos' earlier.
	draw.SimpleText("Testing", "ScoreboardText", 0, 0, Color(255, 255, 255, 255), TEXT_ALIGN_LEFT, TEXT_ALIGN_TOP)


You can put this in any entities cl_init file and it should work. Make sure the entity doesn’t have 0 alpha. Hope it helps.

Wowzer, Thanks! I was actually looking for something like that for my server but due to my general retardedness towards lua, which is less now because i’ve started learning it, i didn’t receive much help

For multiple full-entity examples, try [here]

Off-Topic: I just noticed in that thread FlapJack called me a faggot… I don’t even know who flapjack is and i was never in that thread. Glad to know I’m changing peoples lives.

On-Topic: I would say try the Wiki but the cam library seems to be almost un-touched, So yea Here is another thread of people discussing 3D2D Although i don’t think the example posted works.

There have been 5 topics about this, this month…

Maybe we should fill in the Cam library on the wiki then?

This is the only one that made reference towards the actual libary, the other ones were: “HOW TO MAEK 4D TAXT LIKE GMODE TOWER?A?!??!”

however, all the examples on the wiki for the cam functions are complete shit and show/explain nothing. I had to take apart the keypad addon to learn it.


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Im writeing on a netbook Its not easy It has a very VERY small keybored

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Did you perhaps mean
“You guys should write what you learned on the wiki, so that others don’t have to take the same route as you”?
I doubt the netbook is your problem.


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Yes i meant “You guys should write what you learned on the wiki, so that others don’t have to take the same route as you”?

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Please Can you guys make tuts Or explan more On the wiki

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I’m not disputing that you’re deaf, I’m just questioning how it’s at all relevant.
Have you considered getting Firefox? It comes with a built in English dictionary and will flag up any words that you have misspelt.
On-topic, I will dump all my 3D2D test code on the wiki tonight. While I’ll add comments, I can’t be bothered to give in-depth explanations on how to use it or whatever.