Can anyone tell me good mapping textures?

What is your favorite texture in hammer?

There’s a reason there are a trillion textures, even by default

There’s no definitive “good” texture, it depends where you want to use it. One grass won’t fit in every situation.

Nodraw :downs:

Nodraw. I do all my brushwork in nodraw then texture it properly afterwards.

I know nodraw makes minimal difference but it’s certainly nice for keeping it clean and tidy.

Same. It just makes everything nice and tidy. It’s a bitch if you don’t have it on “textured shaded polygons” or whatever it’s called though.

How come it’s a bitch? I never use texture shaded polygons ‘cause it fucks up mah overlays, well not literally but you can’t friggin’ see 'em. They’re just flickering in black and white.

Nodraw is best i guess ^^, also i use dev while making city !

I love nodraw, there are too much other textures to choose from.


Ideally used on as many brush faces as physically possible.